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Announcing Online QSTI Exams

What is the QSTI/QSTO program?

QI versus QSTI - What is the Difference?

Steps to Receive your QSTI/QSTO Qualification Certificate

Exam Chronology

Methods Covered Under Each Group Exam

Requirements for the Exam

Official QSTI Application

This form should be used when submitting an application for the first time.

(This form can be filled out on line then printed out. If you need a copy emailed to you, please send a request via email to

Official QSTO Application

Official Renewal Form - Doc format.

Standardized Form for QSTI Recommendations

You may email the form to The Source Evaluation Society QSTI/QSTO review committee has made a available a standardized form for applicants and their recommending reference sources to use as an option to formal letters of recommendation. Candidates submitting SES QSTI/QSTO applications may have their references use this form, other similar form, or written letters of recommendation, as preferred.

Project Descriptions Examples

As a guideline for completing the project experience element of the SES QSTI application, the SES QSTI/QSTO Review Committee has provided two examples for your use. The components of these examples coincide with those outlined in the SES application form.

Appeal Process

Expiration and Renewal Policy Guidelines

Comprehensive Exam Study Guide

Tips for Passing the Exams/Study Guidelines

  • RFT (viewable in any word processor)
  • PDF

QSTI Program Complaint/Suspension Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

List of Qualified Stack Testing Individuals/Qualified Stack Testing Observers


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