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Officers March 2017 - March 2019 (2-year terms)       President           Glenn England (RAMBOLL)       Vice President           Roy Owens       Secretary           Jason Bouwman (NWCAA)       Treasurer           Robin Segall      Editor            Yves Tondeur (It’s About Purpose)   SES Board of Directors      Sean Warden (Dominion)        1 Year (through March 2018) Tina Sanderson (Ortech)         2 Years (Through March 2019) Peter Pakalnis (Lehder)          3 Years (through March 2020) Roy Owens (Owens-Corning         2 Years (or nntil a new President is elected)   SES Committee Members Committee          Chairperson Safety         David Elam Ethics         Open Data Quality         Eric Ehlers Awards & Scholarship         Peter Westlin Web Site         David Eckard QSTI/QSTO Program         Peter Westlin and Glenn England Membership         Sean Warden Matthew S. DeVito Award         Roy Owens Conference Steering        Bob Finken Privatization of the EPA    Stationary Source Audit Program (SSAP)        Open Outreach        Jason Bouwman Rules & Constitution        Open ERT Improvement        Natalie Hornsby Editorial        Yves Tondeur   SES Hall of Fame Members as of 2017 Roger Shigehara 1986 Keith Curtis 2000 Walter Smith 1986 Matthew S. Devito 2001 Billy Mullins 1988 Jim Jahnke 2002 Ronald Ostendorf 1988 Michael W. Hartman 2003 Gene Wellman 1989 Richard H. Russell 2004 William DeWees 1990 Robert Finken 2005 Charles Duncan 1990 Jim Craigmile 2006 Fred Hopton 1990 Glenn England 2007 Gene Riley 1992 Lesley Sloss 2008 George Walsh 1992 Tom Baldwin 2009 Peter Westlin 1992 Roy Owens 2010 James Peeler 1993 Scott Evans 2011 Howard Schiff 1993 Yves Tondeur 2012 Tony Eggleston 1994 Bill Walker 2013 Victor Hanson 1996 Laura Kinner 2014 Thomas Rose 1997 Jim Serne 2015 Mike Fogle 1998 Angela Hansen 2016 Robin Segall 1999 Ray Merrill 2017     The Matt DeVito Award The Matthew DeVito award recognizes an individual’s superior ethical conduct and major contributions towards ensuring measurement data quality and representativeness, and the safe implementation of source testing. The procedure the Board established is that an SES member nominates a candidate by letter and includes a justification statement. The nominee does not have to be a SES member. Nominations should describe the nominee and how that person embodies the principles of quality, integrity, safety, and an ethical approach toward stack sampling. Send your detailed nomination for the Matthew S. DeVito Award to the attention of Roy Owens by January 15 of each year. Past Recipients of Matthew DeVito Award:
  • Gene Riley, 2002
  • Peter Westlin, 2005
  • Dave Curtis, 2007
  • Mike Hartman, 2009
  • David Bagwell, 2011
  • Mike Denomme, 2013
  • Mike Fogle, 2014
  • Thomas Graham, 2016
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