List of Qualified Stack Testing Individuals/Qualified Stack Testing Observers

Listed in the linked Excel workbook are those individuals who have received their Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI) or Qualified Source Testing Observer (QSTO) Approvals and have given permission to have their names and contact information posted. This list is not inclusive of everyone who has received a QSTI/QSTO approval, only those who have allowed their name to be posted.

NOTE: The workbook is divided into three spreadsheets. The first spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically by the individuals’ last name; the second spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically by company name; and the third spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically by State.   Any changes and/or updates should be sent in writing to Theresa Lowe at



PLEASE NOTE that the information published on this list was compiled by SES as a service to the individual members of SES.  This list was not compiled to be used for mass marketing purposes.  SES does not endorse, condone or in any way approve of its use for purposes other than those intended.  SES strongly discourages the use of this information for purposes other than those determined to be in the best interest of SES.  SES requests that anyone who uses the information on this list use common courtesy and discretion where this information is concerned.

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