2011 SSSAAP Conference

Westward Westward Look Resort

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March 20th - 25th, 2011 (Sunday - Friday)

2011 Final Program

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SES is grateful to our Sponsors who have generously donated time and sponsorship to some very special events.

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Please note the Westward Look Resort is sold out for our conference rate for pre/post reservation dates.  There are premium rates available for over $275/night for a limited amount of rooms. We have arranged special pre/post rates at 2 other hotels:

Conference Pre-Post Hotel Registration Form Holiday Inn Express

Conference Pre-Post Hotel Registration Form Embassy Suites

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Group 4 Metals Test

"If anyone is interested in taking one or more of the SES exams, it would be helpful if they would pre-register.  They can go to www.instack.com and find the registration forms here.   Otherwise, if they have any questions, they can contact Gail Westlin at gail_westlin@yahoo.com.

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Chair Report 

Please use this link to review the exciting things that were covered in the SSSAAP 2011 Conference!

Stack 2011 Post Conference Chair Report


2011 Final Program - Available after 2/1/11




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Ron Myers posted pictures to the FLICKR web site. Go to Flickr to see all the pictures. You can download any size that you wish by selecting the individual picture then the icon above the picture that says all sizes then select one of the available sizes.

Exams at the SSSAAP Conference will be held on Monday, March 21st and on Tuesday, March 22nd between 1:30 pm and 5:00 pm in the Canyon Room. Please show up approximately 15 minutes before the start of the exam to sign-in and receive instructions. Allow 1½ hours for each exam. APPLICANTS will be given a 30-minute and a 10-minute warning before the end of each exam.

APPLICANTS may reference the CFR and other documents and may use any other written documents including test method support materials such as QA Manuals, engineering manuals, calculation sheets with or without hand written notes or reference tabs, or other technical reference materials. Applicants may use a calculator. It may be programmable.

APPLICANTS may not use PDA’s, cell-phones, beepers, laptops, etc. Nor may they use any device with internet connections while taking the exam. There is ample space on the back of the exam sheets for calculations. APPLICANTS should try to answer ALL questions. 40 out of 50 correct questions are necessary to pass. THE APPLICANT may leave when he/she finishes the exam. However, once the APPLICANT leaves the room, for any reason, the APPLICANT is not permitted to re-enter until that exam session is over.

Pre-registration is requested. You may find the registration form on the Eastern Technical Associates site at www.instack.com under the QSTI Exams link.

Please note that you do not have to be an attendee of the conference to take the exam. If you are not attending the conference, you will need to make sure that you arrive on time for the exam(s).

Please contact Gail Westlin for any questions concerning the QSTI/QSTO program.